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Been reaching for the booty since a young age.
Been reaching for the booty since a young age.
Day 20 (June 19): Cameron and I woke up in our hammocks under the tree canopy a bit chilled from the night’s air that whipped around under us as we suspended between trees. We spent today relaxing in the natural hot springs once again and took every opportunity to meet the new people around us deep in the back country. We spent countless hours sitting in the hottubs while also talking to a couple from the Netherlands about international adventures. We talked for an hour or so and in the tub as we watched one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, a Green Mojave slither past us towards the forest. We also had the pleasure of meeting a couple from Santa Cruz who we spent hours talking to and listening to their stories of cross country hitchhiking adventures and leaving everything behind to find themselves in nature. Today has been the most relaxing day we’ve had yet on this trip, we finished the night watching the stars and milky way once again while we relaxed in the 100 degree waters.
Hired a new surfing teacher today, he’s been showing me how its done ever since.
Day 19 (June 18) PART 2: As Cameron and I headed to the springs we met two girls from San Francisco, one of which was a high school math teacher. We talked about how they planned to go to burning man later in the year and about if she was going to tell her students. We found out they hoola hooped and they invited us to play cards later in the night once it got dark. We accepted and then headed off to towards the springs. The water was a little over 100° F and it felt perfect, their was a slight sulfur smell near the springs but we got used to it extremely fast as we looked up at the tree canopy above us. As we soaked in the pools I balanced rocks on one another and made mini rock temples. We spent the rest of the day in the warm waters until the stars came out and we almost fell asleep. We walked back to our camp and passed a jar of peanut butter back and forth between our hammocks until we fell asleep tucked away in our sleeping bags under the milky way.